Become a merchant, take charge of your business and control of customers and clients in under your care. Make profit by rewarding customers/members for their patronage under this loyalty rewards scheme .


Be a registered Agent and manage both merchants and members directly. Form the link bridge between members, merchants and this loyalty rewards scheme and make mouth-watering profits.


As a member you stand the chance to benefit and earn immensely from this loyalty rewards scheme, make purchases, earn points from purchases made, invite friends, get rewards for the invitations, enjoy the loyalty scheme .


This is a tiered program, strive to move from one tier to a higher tier and unlock the immense benefits and profits attached to each tier, get your friends, associates and relatives onto the loyalty rewards scheme and enjoy the immense rewards.

the Scheme

Guava loyalty rewards scheme presents opportunity for both merchants and members to enjoy customers across different business, services and products.

The loyalty points earned from any of the partner merchants can be used to pay for goods and services in any merchant outlets that’s in the programme. The merchants cut across different goods and services. Car hire, hotels, restaurants, airlines, online stores, traditional stores, banks etc.

The Guava rewards scheme allows you to buy points directly with you debit cards and the points can still be used with the applicable discount to enjoy all the services in all the merchants outlets nationwide.


How it works

  • visit our site or download the App from either;
    Google Play
    Apple App Store
    Windows Store
  • Order a card through your account or visit any of the merchants to obtain a one.
  • Link the card to your account.
  • Start shopping at any merchants or outlets nation wide and earn/redeem points.
  • You can also invite your friends to the loyalty scheme and earn points.


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Central Business District Abuja. 09-6233402,
Lagos Office: 5th Floor Mulliner Towers,
39 Alfred Rewane Road, Ikoyi, Lagos. 01-4623411
Phone: 09-6233402